Ballet Vatan

We would like to introduce you Vatan program. Vatan was formed in 1999 by the winner of international competitions Bakhtijar Agajarov and Natalia Kozinets.

The optimum structure of ballet is 22 dancers. The increase in the structure up to 60 dancers is possible. The program is aimed both for a dancing stage, and for a circus stage. "Vatan" is the commercial ballet, and it works under the terms of self-repayment.

Ballet does not have any sponsorship obligations. The qualified dancers from Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Byelorussia and Russia work in the structure of ballet. The repertoire of the ballet includes more than 50 dancing numbers.

Ballet master and coach structure of the ballet is capable to change operatively the program under any show, in which the ballet takes part. Also ballet masters and producers of the ballet can participate in staging the numbers for circus actors.

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